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Getting around

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It is quite simple to travel within the city: Parma can boast good public transports, managed by Tep spa, that provides a daytime and night service covering the whole area, province included.

To get around by car, remember that there are Restricted traffic areas or ZTL where access is only allowed on certain times of the day or with permits. The Restricted traffic areas are controlled by cameras.

From October to March is established to traffic block against pollution, intensifing limitations. Every Thursday the access to the historical center is not permitted and the first Sunday of every month (except December) the access to the area within the Ring roads.

In all other areas parking is allowed in the blue lines: spaces for prepaid parking actually marked by the color blue.
It is possible to pay at the parking meters scattered on the streets or to buy a special ticket in the tobacco shops.
Vehicles with foreign license plates must follow the same parking and circulation rules.

The most convenient way to reach the historical centre is by leaving the car in one of the pay parkings or in one of the exchange parkings, located right out of the city, then reach the historical centre by shuttle bus. It is a pleasure to walk in the city by foot, but to those who love to take it easier or want to discover the province, we suggest to rent a bike or a car.