Tortelli & Co

Indirizzo: Via Nazario Sauro , 37/A Parma
Mobile: +39 3336161303
All year long

In the heart of the historic center of Parma, in Via Nazario Sauro “the Street of the Antiquarians”, a small shop that does not sell precious objects of gone epochs but precious gastronomic specialties, always fresh and genuine: Tortelli&Co.

Recently inaugurated, Tortelli&Co is a small artisan shop where tortelli and fresh home made pasta are the protagonists: tortelli filled with ricotta and herbs, pumpkin, potatoes, radicchio, seasoned with butter and sage, with cream cheese, with fresh vegetables, sauce with tomato and always different toppings. There are also other types of fresh pasta, such as classic or spelt tagliatelle and tagliolini, and stuffed pasta like the inevitable anolini.

The Tortelli&Co offers vary every day and can be purchased with take away service, for a delicious lunch break at home or in the office, or enjoy on-site. From Tortelli&Co you can also find a selection of typical products from Val Taro, land of origin of the owners: porcini mushrooms from Borgotaro dried and processed, preserves, jams, pickles.

Type of cuisine
Typical parmesan
Price range
0 to 20 euro

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