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Restaurants, pizzerias, holiday farms

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Restaurant 51/A Restaurant
Restaurant Africa due restaurant
Restaurant Agriturismo La sera di San Prospero
Restaurant Agriturismo San Bruno della Certosa
Restaurant Al tramezzo Restaurant
Restaurant Angiol d'or restaurant
Restaurant Antica cereria restaurant
Restaurant Antica hosteria Tre ville
Restaurant Antica osteria della Ghiaia restaurant
Restaurant Apriti sesamo restaurant
Restaurant Atmosfera
Restaurant Basilico Restaurant
Restaurant Bolle in pentola
Restaurant Busky
Restaurant Canova restaurant
Restaurant Casablanca restaurant
Restaurant Chinese Restaurants
Restaurant Cocchi restaurant
Restaurant Corale Verdi restaurant
Restaurant Da Mat bistrot cucina
Restaurant Doc - The burger house
Restaurant Euridice Restaurant
Restaurant F.i.s.h.
Restaurant Falstaff Restaurant
Restaurant Gallo d'oro restaurant
Restaurant Galloway restaurant
Restaurant Hostaria da Beppe restaurant
Restaurant Il battibecco Restaurant
Restaurant Il cortile restaurant
Restaurant Il folletto restaurant
Restaurant Il trovatore restaurant
Restaurant Indian restaurant Shri ganesh
Restaurant Inkiostro restaurant
Restaurant Japanese restaurant Arigato Wok Sushi
Restaurant Japanese restaurant Fuji
Restaurant Japanese restaurant Gainen
Restaurant Japanese restaurant Koi
Restaurant Japanese restaurant Mishi Mishi
Restaurant Japanese restaurant Shibuya
Restaurant Japanese restaurant Zushi
Institutions, agencies and services L'emporio bistrò ristò
Restaurant La buca restaurant
Restaurant La filoma restaurant
Restaurant La greppia restaurant
Restaurant La locanda di Sparafucile
Restaurant Le Bistro
Restaurant Le botteghe Restaurant
Restaurant Leon d'oro restaurant
Restaurant Meet Hamburger Gourmet
Restaurant Mora restaurant
Restaurant Officina alimentare dedicata
Restaurant Ohibò - cucina elastica
Restaurant Oishii Restaurant Kaiten Sushi
Restaurant Ombre rosse restaurant
Restaurant Osteria dei mascalzoni
Restaurant Osteria dei servi
Restaurant Osteria del 36
Restaurant Osteria della gatta matta
Restaurant Osteria dello Zingaro
Restaurant Osteria I tre porcellini
Restaurant Parizzi restaurant
Restaurant Park hotel Pacchiosi restaurant
Restaurant Parmigianino Restaurant
Restaurant Partenope Restaurant
Restaurant Perlage restaurant
Restaurant Pizzeria Al cantuccio
Restaurant Pizzeria Al corsaro
Restaurant Pizzeria Al faro
Restaurant Pizzeria Al fornello
Restaurant Pizzeria Al Petitot
Restaurant Pizzeria Al veliero
Restaurant Pizzeria Alla fontana
Restaurant Pizzeria Arca del molinetto
Restaurant Pizzeria California
Restaurant Pizzeria da Filippo
Restaurant Pizzeria Da Luca
Restaurant Pizzeria Dal Teo
Restaurant Pizzeria Dolce vita
Restaurant Pizzeria Don Alfonso
Restaurant Pizzeria Il gabbiano
Restaurant Pizzeria La botte
Restaurant Pizzeria La brace
Restaurant Pizzeria La certosa
Restaurant Pizzeria La duchessa
Restaurant Pizzeria La perla
Restaurant Pizzeria La Tirolese
Restaurant Pizzeria La vela
Restaurant Pizzeria La zagara
Restaurant Pizzeria Luna blu
Restaurant Pizzeria Orfeo
Restaurant Pizzeria Portello
Restaurant Pizzeria Real Mc Coy
Restaurant Pizzeria Rosso pomodoro
Restaurant Pizzeria San Marte'
Restaurant Pizzeria San Martino
Restaurant Pizzeria Tirolesina
Restaurant Pizzeria Tramonti
Restaurant Pizzeria Un posto al sole
Restaurant Pizzeria Verdi ricordi
Institutions, agencies and services Restaurant Locanda Abbazia Csac
Restaurant Restaurant Brodo di giuggiole
Restaurant Restaurant Ca Pina
Restaurant Restaurant Chacarero
Restaurant Restaurant Croce di Malta
Restaurant Restaurant da Gianni
Restaurant Restaurant Holiday farm Ciato
Restaurant Restaurant I tri siochett
Restaurant Restaurant La forchetta
Restaurant Restaurant Parmarotta
Restaurant Restaurant pizzeria La meta
Restaurant Restaurant Pizzeria Parigi
Restaurant Restaurant pizzeria San Rocco
Restaurant Restaurant Pizzeria Zefiro
Restaurant Restaurant San Barnaba
Restaurant Restaurant T-bone steak house
Restaurant Ritual restaurant
Restaurant Roadhouse grill
Restaurant Ronzoni restaurant
Restaurant Shakespeare restaurant
Restaurant Tortelli & Co
Restaurant Trattoria Ai due platani
Restaurant Trattoria Al gatto nero
Restaurant Trattoria Al parco
Restaurant Trattoria Antichi sapori
Restaurant Trattoria Belvedere
Restaurant Trattoria C'era una volta
Restaurant Trattoria Cantone
Restaurant Trattoria Corrieri
Restaurant Trattoria Da Antonia
Restaurant Trattoria Da Romeo
Restaurant Trattoria Dal bagolò
Restaurant Trattoria Del ducato
Restaurant Trattoria Del grillo
Restaurant Trattoria Del tribunale
Restaurant Trattoria I du matt
Restaurant Trattoria Il pianetino
Restaurant Trattoria L'incontro dei sapori
Restaurant Trattoria La pignata
Restaurant Trattoria Le viole
Restaurant Trattoria Moletolo
Institutions, agencies and services Trattoria Pizzeria 183
Restaurant Trattoria Rigoletto
Restaurant Trattoria Sa Marjoga
Restaurant Trattoria Scarica
Restaurant Trattoria Sorelle Picchi - Antica salumeria Rosi
Restaurant Trattoria Vigolante
Restaurant Zafferano trattoria pizzeria


Restaurant Berzolla Restaurant
Restaurant La peschiera Restaurant
Restaurant Restaurant Ruggeri


Restaurant Alla corte delle due spade Restaurant
Restaurant Pizzeria La baracca
Restaurant Restaurant Bue rosso
Restaurant Restaurant Da Rita
Restaurant Restaurant L'antica osteria del pellicano
Restaurant Trattoria Da Tina e Lucia


Restaurant Al vecchio mulino Restaurant
Restaurant Belvedere U rissu Restaurant
Restaurant La pergola Restaurant
Restaurant Restaurant Antica locanda Moretto
Restaurant San Marco Restaurant
Restaurant Stella Azzurra Restaurant
Restaurant Trattoria Chiappari
Restaurant Trattoria Da Valerino
Restaurant Trattoria Oppici


Restaurant Holiday farm Ca' dal brass
Restaurant Holiday farm Ca' del vento
Restaurant Manubiola Restaurant
Restaurant Passo della Cisa Restaurant
Restaurant Restaurant Da Rudy
Restaurant Restaurant Il Bacher
Restaurant Restaurant Internazionale
Restaurant Trattoria Il cacciatore
Restaurant Trattoria Luca
Restaurant Trattoria Pasquinelli
Restaurant Vittoria da Rino Restaurant


Restaurant Provinciale Restaurant
Restaurant Trattoria Ponte
Restaurant Verdi Restaurant

Borgo Val di Taro

Restaurant Holiday farm Ca' bianca
Restaurant Holiday farm New Green valley
Restaurant I due gatti restaurant
Restaurant I monelli restaurant
Restaurant Il fondo restaurant
Restaurant La bottega del chisolino restaurant
Restaurant La mimosa restaurant
Restaurant La vigna di San Pietro restaurant
Restaurant Le querciole agritourism
Restaurant Paradiso dei Gatti restaurant
Restaurant Restaurant holiday farm Mulino dell'aglio
Restaurant Restaurant Il rustico
Restaurant Restaurant Mistrello
Restaurant Tariz restaurant
Restaurant Tiffany restaurant
Restaurant Trattoria La giara
Restaurant Trattoria Pescacciatore
Restaurant Trattoria Vecchio borgo


Restaurant Alle roncole Restaurant
Restaurant Campanini Restaurant
Restaurant Cotogni trattoria
Restaurant I due foscari Restaurant
Restaurant Il bosso restaurant
Restaurant La vecchia Samboseto Restaurant
Restaurant Restaurant Osteria Vecchio mulino Pallavicino
Restaurant Teatro Trattoria con pizza
Restaurant Trattoria Trivelloni
Restaurant Verdi pizzeria
Restaurant Vernizzi Restaurant


Restaurant Holiday farm Casale Eldoro
Restaurant Holiday farm Il Castione
Restaurant Holiday farm La Macchia Tonda
Restaurant Locanda Marzolara
Restaurant Osteria Ca d'Angel
Restaurant Restaurant La lanterna
Restaurant Restaurant Mantovani
Restaurant Ristorante Fontana
Restaurant Ristorante Mariella


Restaurant Il melograno restaurant
Restaurant Pizzeria La gatta
Restaurant Pizzeria self-service Time out
Restaurant Restaurant Ceci's Villa Maria Luigia
Restaurant Restaurant Christine
Restaurant Restaurant Corte di Giarola
Restaurant Restaurant Ippocampo
Restaurant Restaurant Pineta
Restaurant Restaurant pizzeria Porfido
Restaurant Restaurant Podere Miranta
Restaurant Trattoria Il granaio
Restaurant Trattoria Le valli
Restaurant Trattoria Roma


Restaurant Da Sergio Restaurant
Restaurant Holiday farm Fondo grande della selva
Restaurant Restaurant Al vedel
Restaurant Restaurant Gran caffè Piras
Restaurant Restaurant Pizzeria Vecchio mulino
Restaurant Restaurant Stendhal
Restaurant Trattoria Adele
Restaurant Trattoria Arcari


Restaurant Agriturismo Il cielo di Strela
Restaurant Holiday farm Carovane
Restaurant Trattoria Solari


Restaurant Mountain shelter Lagdei restaurant
Restaurant Restaurant Claudia
Restaurant Restaurant Mountain shelter Mariotti
Restaurant Trattoria Grassi
Restaurant Trattoria Tramalloni da Berto


Restaurant Antica osteria La cascina
Restaurant Il bagatto pub
Restaurant Ostaria ad'na volta
Restaurant Ostaria in mosca restaurant
Restaurant Pizzeria Il cucciolo
Restaurant Pizzeria Nuova aurora
Restaurant Restaurant Locanda della Moiana
Restaurant Stazione di Felino Osteria
Restaurant Trattoria Laura
Restaurant Trattoria Leoni


Restaurant Antica trattoria Il Duomo
Restaurant Barlumeria restaurant
Restaurant Bellaria trattoria
Restaurant Da Felice pizzeria
Restaurant Dai Sibani trattoria
Restaurant Del sole Trattoria
Restaurant Il Casale restaurant
Restaurant Il Gisolo restaurant pizzeria
Restaurant Km90 Ristobottega emiliana
Restaurant Marechiaro restaurant
Restaurant Obikà restaurant
Restaurant Osteria di Fornio
Restaurant Pizzeria Ugolini
Restaurant Podere San Faustino trattoria
Restaurant Restaurant pizzeria Acqua al 3
Restaurant Restaurant pizzeria Astoria
Restaurant Restaurant pizzeria Il Caminetto
Restaurant Restaurant Sanafollia
Restaurant Restaurant trattoria Al canton 33
Restaurant S. Giorgio trattoria
Restaurant Taverna dei sapori


Restaurant La Briciola pizzeria
Restaurant La Campagnola restaurant
Restaurant La Fattoria del Boschetto restaurant
Restaurant Restaurant Europa
Restaurant Restaurant I tre pozzi
Restaurant Restaurant Mezzadri
Restaurant Restaurant pizzeria Scacciapensieri
Restaurant Restaurant trattoria locanda Nazionale
Restaurant Restaurant Verdi
Restaurant Spotti Restaurant
Restaurant Trattoria osteria di Casalbarbato
Restaurant Trattoria Teatro


Restaurant Gigi e Gabri Restaurant
Restaurant I dodici monaci Restaurant
Restaurant Il rigoletto Restaurant
Restaurant Restaurant La barchetta
Restaurant Restaurant pizzeria Il torchio
Restaurant Trattoria Da Ercole

Fornovo di Taro

Restaurant Da Lino Restaurant
Restaurant Holiday farm Le coste Restaurant
Restaurant Tex mex restaurant Cinco de mayo
Restaurant Trattoria di Cafragna
Restaurant Trattoria Nieppi
Restaurant Trattoria Saloon


Restaurant Agriturismo Podere Montefiore
Restaurant Pizzeria Cartoccio
Restaurant Restaurant Ai tigli
Restaurant Restaurant Al mulino
Restaurant Restaurant Chiastrone
Restaurant Restaurant La ghiandaia
Restaurant Restaurant Mulino di Torrechiara
Restaurant Taverna del castello
Restaurant Trattoria Cavazzini
Restaurant Trattoria della Gallina
Restaurant Trattoria Fontana
Restaurant Trattoria Masticabrodo
Restaurant Trattoria Montelupo
Restaurant Trattoria Trombi

Lesignano de' Bagni

Restaurant Holiday farm La Longarola
Restaurant L'anphora restaurant
Restaurant Restaurant Castello dell'elfo
Restaurant Restaurant Locanda del sale
Restaurant Trattoria Capelli


Restaurant Holiday farm Le colline della Luna
Restaurant Hostaria Trattoria Da Sincero
Restaurant Restaurant pizzeria Caminetto
Restaurant Restaurant pizzeria Salus
Restaurant Trattoria Da Anna
Restaurant Trattoria La bruschetta
Restaurant Trattoria pizzeria da Silvia


Restaurant Trattoria La parmetta
Restaurant Trattoria Milietta

Monchio delle Corti

Restaurant Trattoria da Berto Leopoldina


Restaurant Casale Mariposa
Restaurant Hotel Delle terme restaurant
Restaurant Il Baccanale restaurant
Restaurant La veranda restaurant
Restaurant Restaurant Al castello
Restaurant Restaurant Al gambero
Restaurant Restaurant Cala Luna
Restaurant Restaurant Campanini
Restaurant Restaurant La veranda
Restaurant Restaurant Mulino di Casa Sforza
Restaurant Restaurant pizzeria La fratta
Restaurant Trattoria Beccofino
Restaurant Trattoria Pecora nera
Restaurant Trattoria Rosati
Restaurant Trotter restaurant
Restaurant Unicorno restaurant

Neviano degli Arduini

Restaurant Restaurant Chalet Pineta
Restaurant Restaurant pizzeria La cava
Restaurant Trattoria Corradi
Restaurant Trattoria Mazzini
Restaurant Trattoria Tarasconi


Restaurant Agriturismo Fattoria Rio dell'acqua
Restaurant Farm restaurant Bertinelli
Restaurant Il cerreto holiday farm
Restaurant Pizzeria La buca dei diavoli
Restaurant Restaurant Aquila romana
Restaurant Restaurant L'incontro
Restaurant Trattoria Da Ariosto
Restaurant Trattoria della posta
Restaurant Trattoria Gatto Gambarone
Restaurant Trattoria Lo scoiattolo
Restaurant Trattoria Squeri
Restaurant Zenzero Asian Fusion


Restaurant Restaurant Tre laghi

Pellegrino Parmense

Restaurant Holiday farm Restaurant Il pincoleno
Restaurant Restaurant La baita
Restaurant Restaurant Lago bleu
Restaurant Restaurant Le ginestre pighouse
Restaurant Restaurant Pommeri

Polesine Parmense

Restaurant Restaurant Al cavallino bianco
Restaurant Restaurant Antica corte Pallavicina
Restaurant Trattoria Colombo
Restaurant Trattoria Ongina


Restaurant Hostaria da Ivan
Restaurant Trattoria Passeggero

Sala Baganza

Restaurant Restaurant I pifferi
Restaurant Trattoria Da Eletta
Restaurant Trattoria Il belo
Restaurant Trattoria Il fiore
Restaurant Trattoria La sevra
Restaurant Trattoria Milla

San Secondo Parmense

Restaurant La paella restaurant
Restaurant Trattoria La corte
Restaurant Trattoria pizzeria Angedras

Sissa Trecasali

Restaurant Restaurant Bella Venezia
Restaurant Restaurant Da Cristian
Restaurant Restaurant Lo storione
Restaurant Restaurant Tornado
Restaurant Trattoria di Palasone
Restaurant Trattoria La porta di Viarolo
Restaurant Trattoria Laghi verdi


Restaurant Restaurant Re di spade
Restaurant Trattoria Da Pippo
Restaurant Trattoria Fopla da Gelsy
Restaurant Trattoria Giovanelli
Restaurant Trattoria Tiffany


Restaurant Gourmè Soragna - Market & Restaurant
Restaurant Trattoria Al voltone
Restaurant Trattoria Antica Osteria Ardenga
Restaurant Trattoria La Rustica


Restaurant Trattoria Al bersò
Restaurant Trattoria Contini
Restaurant Trattoria Del cacciatore


Restaurant Antica trattoria Da Rosa
Restaurant Holiday farm La Riva
Restaurant Restaurant holiday farm Selva smeralda

Tizzano Val Parma

Restaurant Holiday farm Ca' d'Ranier
Restaurant Holiday farm Restaurant Casa nuova
Restaurant Restaurant La Costa
Restaurant Restaurant La piazzetta
Restaurant Trattoria locanda Montefuso


Restaurant Restaurant Alpino


Restaurant Restaurant Parco Sant'Andrea
Restaurant Restaurant Romani


Restaurant Colibrì Restaurant
Restaurant Holiday farm Restaurant Il gelso
Restaurant Hostaria vecchia fucina
Restaurant Il mulino di sopra Restaurant
Restaurant Maxim's restaurant
Restaurant Maxim's Restaurant
Restaurant Osteria La guardiola
Restaurant Pizzeria Da Marchett
Restaurant Restaurant Ca' della valle
Restaurant Restaurant pizzeria La gabbiola
Restaurant Trattoria Alla luna piena


Restaurant Pizzeria Asterix
Restaurant Restaurant La stazione
Restaurant Trattoria Sozzi

Varano de' Melegari

Restaurant Locanda del Gelso bianco
Restaurant Restaurant Castello
Restaurant Restaurant Valceno
Restaurant Trattoria Case Contini
Restaurant Trattoria Il Boschetto delle fate


Restaurant Antica osteria La colomba
Restaurant Il falco Restaurant
Restaurant Restaurant holiday farm Neverland
Restaurant Restaurant La variante
Restaurant Trattoria Città d'Umbria


Restaurant Locanda Leon d'oro
Restaurant Restaurant Antica taverna San Rocco da Chicco
Restaurant Restaurant Lago Oasi
Restaurant Trattoria La buca
Restaurant Trattoria locanda Jolly