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Porcino mushroom of Borgotaro

Borgo Val di Taro - PR

Qualities: the Porcino mushroom or boletus of Borgotaro is characterized by an intense aroma and a clean odor, not spicy.
It has no taste of hay, fresh wood or licorice, and this allows to savour the perfume of wood and damp earth at its best.

In 1993 the Borgotaro Mushroom has been awarded the IGP (Geographic Protected Indication), a very important European acknowledgment, confirming the worth of this characteristic product of our mountains, protected by the Consortium of Borgotaro Mushroom.

In the kitchen:
the Porcino of Borgotaro can be used in different recipies.
Excellent raw and chopped into very thin slices, it can be fried in oil or grilled and it is perfect served with polenta, tagliatelle, rice, potatoes tortelli, meat for roasts and tasty escalopes.
Worth are try is also the porcine mushroom soups.

How to discover the Porcino mushroom:
an excellent opportunity to discover where the IGP Mushroom comes from is offered by The Road of Porcino Mushroom (Strada del Fungo Porcino).
The Consortium, in fact, has founded a gastronomic route linked by restaurants in Parma and its province, committed to using only fresh products branded IGP and to show it in their menu.
The list of all these restaurants is available on the Consortium's website.
The route, crossing the high Taro Valley, allows visitors to discover, besides castles, parish churches and ancient medieval villages, the old traditions of our mountains.
Moreover, a festival of Porcino mushroom takes place every year in Albareto and Borgotaro in September.

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