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Coppa di Parma IGP

Parma - PR

Coppa di Parma was originally produced at home for the family, but with the birth of the first delicatessens, it began to grow and was produced on an industrial scale.

The history of the Coppa di Parma planted its roots long ago, back in the late 17th century there were already references being made, like “bondiola”, “salame investito” or “insaccato”. At the beginning of the 1700s, the Coppa di Parma was cited in the memoirs of travelers as the product typical of the area.

It must be for the simple and captivating taste that it was recently given the IGP (protected geographical indication) mark by the European Community. Its carefully studied curing and aging in natural cellars gives the Coppa di Parma an intense mature aroma and a sweet and delicate taste.

Today the Coppa di Parma is a delicious cured meat in the tradition of the Emilia butchers, ideal as an appetizer, and a fantastic choice to accompany a cocktail.

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