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Academia Barilla

Largo Calamandrei Piero - 3/A - Parma - PR - 43123
Phone: +39 0521264060 - 800376116 Fax: +39 0521264050

The purpose of Academia Barilla is to develop and promote the art of Italian gastronomy around the world,  celebrating traditions and nourishing innovation through products, courses and consultancy services.

An Advisory board composed of international and Italian institutions in the culinary, gastronomic or enological fields oversees the activities of the Academia.

The culinary courses bring together food lovers, chefs and gastronomy experts from around the world, offering to food lovers a blend of technical mastery and the flair of those who cook with passion and to professionals experimenting and close interaction with experts in primary ingredients, Italian regional traditions and creative techniques.

At the same time, the consulting services of Academia Barilla are engineered to help restaurants develop their business while building a more satisfied and loyal customer base.

Academia Barilla is located at walking distance from the historical centre of Parma, on the former grounds of the Barilla pasta factory. The campus overlaps with the Barilla Center, a multipurpose complex designed by Renzo Piano, next to the Paganini Auditorium.


How to get there:

The Academia is located in the Barilla center, east of the city center.

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