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Handcrafts and shopping

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Parma is a wealthy city, still marked by Maria Louise's touch and love for beautiful and elegant things.
The people of Parma love to eat out, stroll down what is known as the city's parlour, Via Cavour, stop in Piazza Garibaldi for a drink and go to see opera at the Regio Theatre. For all this there's the need of a certain style, an innate elegance perhaps truly handed down by the Duchess.

That's why Parma doesn't lack in shops where to find clothes and accessories to fill up your wardrobe. The pedestrians roads, the elegant shops, the wide range of offers makes it really hard to keep from buying.
The richest area is by far the one between Strada della Repubblica and Via Farini: all the major brands of italian fashion, jewellers and shoes shops have windows on these streets.

You can also get your shopping on other streets like Via Garibaldi, Strada D'Azeglio, with their vintage or ethnical products, the historical shops on Piazza Steccata, the antiques district around Borgo Giacomo Tommasini and Via Nazario Sauro, to find hidden treasures, restoration laboratories, handicrafts and decoration shops, an area of traditional works to find great gift ideas for you and your friends and family.

Last but not least the markets: the weekly one on Piazza Ghiaia, Piazzale della Pilotta and the surroundings, every Wednesday and Saturday morning, and the collectors and antiques one under the archways of Via D'Azeglio, every Thursday.
Taking home a memory of Parma is very simple. All the delicacies stores in town, even the smallest ones, are a shrine for products as Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, Prosciutto of Parma, Salame of Felino, Spalla Cotta, tortelli, anolini and sparkling bottles of Malvasia and Lambrusco wines.