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Verdi Off

Side events of the Verdi Festival with free entrance: shows, concerts, exhibitions, installations, dj-set, meetings, movies, special projects.

From Sep 22, 2017
To Oct 22, 2017
Location Various venues Parma, Busseto, Fidenza and the province
Parma (PR)
Cost Free entrance
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Multiple events

Pilotta courtyard, opening on Friday September 22 at pm8
from September 23 to October 22*, at 8pm, 9pm, 10pm
*Setptember 30, October 6, 13, 21 at 8pm
Brilliant Waltz
Opening of the Verdi Festival Verdi with installation by C999

Regio theatre of Parma, from September 22 to Sunday October 22
27 volte Verdi

Every day, at 1pm, music by Verdi from the windows of the Ridotto del Teatro Regio.

from Friday September 22 to Sunday October 22
Musica verdiana in...
Music by Verdi in the streets of the centre and in the art sites of the Province

Piazzale Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa, from Friday September 22 to Sunday October 22
Sguardi in scena
A project by Roberto Ricci, photographer of the Teatro Regio di Parma, stories to the audience in the street

Portici del Grano, on Saturday September 23
La notte verdiana
A night dedicated to the music by Verdi by choirs of the Associazione Cori Parmensi

Cittadella park, Sunday September 24
L'alba verdiana
Music and dance to accompany the sunrise with music by Verdi in the park much loved of the city

Santa Croce Church and San Vitale Church, from Sunday September 24 to saturday October 21
Verdi Sacro
Liturgical pieces inspired by the well-known music by musicians and singers from Conservatory of Music “Arrigo Boito” of Parma

Ducal park, on Sunday September 24
Bianchi, Rossi e Verdi
Homage to Verdi, a pic-nic on the grass with coloured dress with therre colors (white, red, green) with music enad performance

from September 24 to October 22
Verdi Band!
Marching bands in the different town districts

BDC, from September 25 to Thursday October 12
Aperitif before the opera

Farnese theatre, on Monday September 25
Première Stiffelio Under 30
Opera for under 30

Cinema Edison, from Tuesday September 26 to Tuesday October 3
Verdi al cinema
Two evening dedicated to the movie masterpieces dedicated to Giuseppe Verdi

BDC, Tuesday Septmber 26
Pillole di Stiffelio
An introduction to the opera by Verdi by Paolo Zoppi

Busseto, from Friday September 29 to Saturday October 14
Verdi concert
Two events with music by Verdi by ensemble dell’Orchestra Bertolucci directed by Maestro Stefano Franceschini

BDC, Friday September 29
Le miroir
Coreoghraphic installation site specific inspird to La traviata

Teatro Girolamo Magnani of Fidenza and BDC, from friday Septmber 29 to Tuesday october 3
Recital Verdiano
Music by Verdi by Accademia Verdiana with piano

Near Parma stream, on Saturday September 30
Sul Lungoparma con Verdi
Music on the grass and Opera Guitta in the green area of Parma

Cloister ex Convento di San Cristoforo, sabato 30 settembre
Verdi sunset
Waitnig for the sunset with music by Verdi Solisti dell’Opera Italiana

Basilicanova, Park of the Fondazione Magnani Rocca, on Sunday October 1
Verdi jazz trio
Verdi pieces in jazz version by Solisti dell’Opera Italiana

Fidenza, Sunday October 1
Opera Guitta
Between melodramma and clowneria

House of Music, on Monday october 2
Il sacro nella vita
Conference by Ferdinando Dani "Giuseppe Verdi: Genio Italiano del ’800" e di Alessandra Toscani "I valori dell’uomo, i valori iscritti nel suolo natal"

Portici del Grano, on Friday October 6
Cluedo verdiano
A treasure hunt, a role play, riddles

Ospedale dei Bambini Pietro Barilla, on Friday October 6
Racconto corale
A telling story for th kids in the hospital andfor their families

CSAC, on Sunday October 8
Note verdiane a passo di danza
By the students Professione danza schools near the sculpturs by  Pinuccio Sciola

Prefettura di Parma, on Sunday October 8
Un recital in salotto
Camera concerts with music by Verdi in the houses by students of Conservatorio di Musica “Arrigo Boito”

Monumento a Verdi, on Tuesday October 10
Cerimony in honour of Giuseppe Verdi
“Va’ pensiero”, the devoted hoamge of to Giuseppe Verdi

Library of Abbazia di San Giovanni, on Thursday  October 12
Il sacro nella parola
Conference by Isa Guastalla "Preghiera e invocazione alla Vergine di San Bernardo" e di Dino Rizzo dal titolo "Laudi alla vergine, un ritorno alle nostre origini"

Famija Pramzana, on Friday October 13
Concerto corale verdiano
Music by verdi by Corale Lirica Valtaro preparaed by Maestro Giovanni Chiapponi, piano by Claudio Cirelli

BDC, on Friday October 13
Dj Set

Club dei 27, on Saturday October 14
To discover the Club dei 27
A special guided tour

Pizza Ghiaia, on Saturday October 14
Gioca e canta con Verdi
For kids, to paint murales

Pilotta courtyard , on Saturday October 14
Brilliant Waltz Ottocentesco
With dancers of Società di Danza Ottocentesca.

Teatro Regio di Parma, on Sunday October 15
Con Verdi in carrozza
A tour by carriage

BDC, on Sunday October 15
L'angiol di Dio in suolo natal
A video by Alessandra Toscani

Oltretorrente, from Monday October 16 to Saturday October 21
Not only Verdi
Music by Giuseppe Verdi by student of Liceo Musicale Attilio Bertolucci

BDC, Friday October 20
La parola al pubblico
To share the emotions and opinion

BDC, Saturday October 21
Il viaggio
A gala in total black

Penitentiary institutes of Parma, Saturday October 21
Nabucco at the Penitentiary institute
Happiness from Verdi's opera in this sites

Teatro Regio di Parma, Sunday October 22
Treasure hunt about Verdi
For kids from  7 to 10 years old

WOPA, Sunday October 22
Traviata hip hop
Closing of Verdi OFF

The details of the events are on the website of the Regio theatre of Parma

Teatro Regio Parma - Strada Giuseppe Garibaldi 16/a 43121 Parma - tel. 0521203999

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