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Cibus off

Workhops for kids, talk shows and gastronomic moments as show cooking and dinners with chefs.

From Apr 06, 2019
To Apr 14, 2019
Location Piazza Garibaldi
Parma (PR)
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Parma, first Italian city to enter the network of the Unesco creative cities of gastronomy, celebrates the Food valley delights with 'Cibus Off', the series of collateral events at the 'Cibus Connect' event: an array of of events featuring cultural moments, worjshops about the future of nutrition, books presentations, gourmet events as show cookings and dinners with chefs, talk shows and workshops for kids.

The kermesse in 2019 will be contemporary to Cibus Connect (10-11 April), the b2b format promoted by Fiere di Parma for the international development of the made-in-Italy food. Everything will take place in Piazza Garibaldi, in the heart of Parma: among the events not to be missed, the showcooking organized by ALMA - The International School of Italian Cuisine, which will involve starred chefs like Moreno Cedroni, Ristorante ” Madonnina del Pescatore “, and Giuliano Baldessari,”Aqua Crua” Restaurant, also appreciated for participating as a jury member in the “Top Chef Italia” tv cooking show. Among the awaited guests is the young chef, Matteo Metullio, who in less than thirty years can boast an important professional career: in 2013, he was the youngest starred chef in Italy and, within four years, he conquered the second star for the restaurant “La Siriola”, which has left for just a few days.

Space then to culture, with round tables edited by the University of Parma, which will range from personalized nutrition as a tool to improve health and prevent the onset of diseases to the sustainability of typical productions, and with musical moments under the direction of Verdi Off.

Cibus Off is also synonymous with food education, with educational workshops for children of primary schools run by Giocampus and Madegus – Maestri del Gusto, spin off of the University of Parma.

Cibus Off will be an opportunity to discover the secrets of the production of the King of Cheeses, thanks to the “Caseifici Aperti” event organized by the Consortium of Parmigiano Reggiano during the weekend of 13 and 14 April.

A temporary restaurant will then be set up, animated by the 29 chefs of the Parma Quality Restaurants Consortium, who will alternate in the kitchen by interpreting the Made-in-Parma excellences.

The programme will be online as soon as iti available.

Complete programme:

Saturday April 6
11am Opening ceremony of Cibus OFF- Francesca Barberini presents and leads “Parma E’ Talk Show”
12pm Talking and cooking with Chef Moreno Cedroni, Restaurant La Madonnina Del Pescatore (2 stars Michelin) – Francesca Barberini interviews
4pm “I Ripieni Chef”. Cooking show with Filippo Cavalli, chef of Osteria dei Mascalzoni, for Chef Ripieno Parmalat – Francesca Barberini interviews
5.15pm “Ode al pomodoro” – Cooking Show by Carlo Casoni for Mutti – Francesca Barberini interviews
6.30pm “La Pasta incontra lo chef” – Cooking show with Roberto Conti, Restaurant Parmigianino – Grand Hotel De La Ville for Barilla – Francesca Barberini interviews
7.30pm Happy hour Time
Chef of the day: Enrico Bergonzi (Al Vedel), Nico Tamani (Vecchia Fucina)

Sunday April 7
10am “Cappuccione Zymil”. In collaboration with Parmalat
11am Brunch in English: The story of Parma excellences in the world.
12pm Talking and cooking with Chef Matteo Metullio. The youngest chef in Italy that received his first star Michelin at just 24 years old– Francesca Barberini interviews
4pm “Pomodoro e verdure Bio”: eat healthy for children. Show Cooking with Maria Anedda, chef of the Restaurant Les Caves, for Rodolfi Mansueto – Francesca Barberini interviews
5pm “La genuinità ha un gusto semplice” – cooking show with Andrea Nizzi, chef of the Restaurant 12 Monaci, for Delicius Rizzoli
6.15pm “Parole in Pentola: I prodotti tipici sono sostenibili”. Conversation with the Prof. Filippo Arfini of the University of Parma. Francesca Barberini introduces.
7.30pm Happy hour Time
Chef of the day: Maria Anedda (Les Caves), Andrea Nizzi (12 Monaci), Luca dall’Argine (Antica Hostaria Tre Ville)

Monday April 8
9.30am Children lab – Taste Laboratory: “Il latte e il Parmigiano Reggiano DOP”. By Madegus and Giocampus.
12pm “P come Prosciutto” – cooking show with Isabella Chiussi, chef of the Osteria Il Bersò, for the Prosciutto di Parma Consortium.
5.30pm The ”Unione Ristoranti del Buon Ricordo” – since more than 50 years a journey between the flavours and the colours of the Italian kitchen with the president Cesare Carbone of the Restaurant Manuelina in Recco and the general secretary Luciano Spigaroli of the Restaurant Al Cavallino Bianco in Polesine.
6.30pm “ I Sapori del Buon Ricordo”. Cooking Show by the Chef of the ”Unione Ristoranti del Buon Ricordo”.
7.15pm “Parma: Our special Aperitivo” by Matteo Bersellini chef of the Restaurant Al Vedel. Cooking Show in English.
7.45pm Musica Maestro: Verdi OFF presents Il Maestro Giuseppe Verdi
Chef of the day: Barbara Dall’Argine (Antica Hostaria Tre Ville), Isabella Chiussi (Osteria Il Bersò)

Tuesday April 9
9.30am Children lab – Taste Laboratory: “Il Prosciutto di Parma”. By Giocampus and Madegus.
1.30pm The Italian Pastry Lab – An educational journey between our regional “sweeties”. By ALMA International School of Italian Kitchen
5pm Pastry degustation – by ALMA
7.30pm Happy hour Time
Chef of the day: Angelo Cammarata (La Forchetta), Andrea Nizzi (12 Monaci), Fabio Romani (Ristorante Romani), Gian Pietro Castellini (Ristorante Unicorno), Francesco Bigliardi (Trattoria Masticabrodo)

Wednesday April 10
9.30am Children lab – Taste Laboratory: “P come Pesce”. By Giocampus and Madegus.
11.45am “I Ripieni Chef”- Cooking show with Nicole Zerbini, Chef of the Restaurant La Porta a Viarolo, for Chef Ripieno Parmalat
12.30pm “Parma Cuore del Pomodoro” – Cooking show with Francesco Dall’Argine, Chef of the Antica Hostaria Tre Ville for Rodolfi Mansueto
6am “Parola in Pentola: Migliorare la sostenibilità delle mense scolastiche è possibile?” National and international case histories in comparison. Prof. F.Scazzina introduces. Conversation with the Dott. B. Biasini, Prof. M. Donati and Dott. G.Lanza of the University of Parma.
7pm #aperitips – cooking show with Filippo Cavalli, Chef of the Osteria dei Mascalzoni for Zarotti
7.30 Happy hour Time
Chef of the day: Nicole Zerbini (La Porta a Viarolo), Raffaella Olivieri (Da Rita), Gianpiero Giarrizzo (Locanda del Sale), Francesco dall’Argine (Antica Hostaria Tre Ville)

Thursday April 11
9.30am Children lab – Taste Laboratory: “P come Pomodoro”. By Giocampus and Madegus.
11.15am “Il rosso in cucina”. Cooking Show with Michele Buia, Chef of the Restaurant Il Cortile for Mutti.
2pm “Innoviamo”. Contest among the chefs of the UNESCO Creative Cities of Gastronomy in the world in comparison
5pm “Parole in Pentola – Progetto EDEN ISS: cibo spaziale per una Terra che cambia”. By CNR, University of Parma, ALMA and ASI – Agenzia Spaziale Italiana at Palazzo del Governatore, Piazza Garibaldi.
6pm “La Pasta incontra lo chef” – Cooking Show with Roberto Conti Restaurant Parmigianino – Grand Hotel De La Ville Parma
7.45pm Musica Maestro: Verdi OFF presents the Maestro Giuseppe Verdi
Chef of the day: Michele Buia (Il Cortile), Matteo Dall’Argine (Trattoria del Cacciatore), Carduccio Pedretti (Alle Roncole)
Friday April 12
9.30am Children lab – Taste Laboratory: “P come Pasta”. By Giocampus and Madegus
11.45am “Parole in Pentola: La Pappa di Parma vola in Tanzania e Burundi”. Tales of international cooperation projects in the heart of Africa. By Prof. F. Scazzina and by Prof. E. Carini – University of Parma.
1.30pm “Dal 1906 l’esperienza ci rende unici. Alici Rizzoli, il segreto di una vita saporita”– cooking show with Davide Censi, chef of the Restaurant Antichi Sapori, for Rizzoli Emanuelli.
6pm “P come Parmigiano Reggiano” – cooking show with Enrico Bergonzi, chef of the Restaurant Al Vedel for the Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium
7pm “Parole in Pentola: La sostenibilità in un’azienda alimentare” – recycled plastic bottles and use of paper from Tetra packaging – by Parmalat
7.30 pm Happy hour Time
Chef of the day:Davide Censi (Antichi Sapori), Enrico Bergonzi (Al Vedel)

Saturday April 13
10am Breakfast with family: Il Cappuccione by Parmalat
11am “Parole in Pentola: Il latte ed il nuovo quaderno sulla colazione” by Parmalat
12pm Talking and cooking with Giuliano Baldessari, chef of the Restaurant Aqua Crua (1 star Michelin)
4.30pm “Incontro di boxe su una tazza di caffè: la battaglia tra il rischio e il beneficio relativo al consumo di alimenti”. Prof. C. Dall’Asta introduces. Conversation with Dott. L. Della Fiora and Dott. P. Meno – University of Parma.
6.15pm Break in play with Parma Quality Restaurants with Andrea Nizzi – chef of the Restaurant 12 Monaci
7.30pm “Acciughe, origine e verità di un prodotto senza sofisticazioni”- cooking show with Filippo Cavalli, chef of the Osteria dei Mascalzoni, for L’Isola d’Oro
8pm Happy hour and music time
Chef of the day: Andrea Nizzi (12 Monaci), Filippo Cavalli (Osteria dei Mascalzoni)

Sunday April 14
10am Breakfast with family: Il Cappuccione by Parmalat
10.30am Debates and conversations on the territory’s excellence in comparison – session 1. Interviews by Gazzetta di Parma
11am Prosciutto di Parma and Parmigiano Reggiano – cooking show with Terry Giacomello – chef of the Restaurant Inkiostro (1 star Michelin)
12.30pm Debates and conversations on the territory’s excellence in comparison – session 2. Interviews by Gazzetta di Parma
5pm Talk Show. Closing of Cibus Off towards 2020 – Parma Europe
6pm Talking and cooking with Massimo Spigaroli – President Unesco Parma City of Gastronomy Foundation- Restaurant Antica Corte Pallavicina, Polesine Parmense (1 star Michelin)
7.30pm Free Style Happy Hour
Chef of the day: Raffaella Olivieri (Da Rita), Filippo Cavalli (Osteria dei Mascalzoni), Simone Berzolla (Ristorante Giorgione’s)

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