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Parma, boasting a lively cultural life brimming with music and theatres since the time of the Farnese rule, has given birth and played host to artists, writers, composers and conductors the likes of Parmigianino and Correggio, Giovannino Guareschi, Giuseppe Verdi and Arturo Toscanini.
Their work and genius still inspire the local entertainment scene, offering every year an abundant array of cultural events in breathtaking venues, theatres and squares.
Parma has a long love story with the theatre, involving kids and grown ups: several spaces host therefore drama and several theatre seasons.
It's no secret that Parma is the town of lovers of music, supporting it with the commitment and passion of real conoisseurs.
That's why the town has so many venues hosting concerts and music performances throughout the year. The most popular is certainly Opera of the Regio Theatre: Parma can actually boast in the heart of the historical centre this theatre considered to be one of the top opera stages in Italy. Its galleryites are real authorities and can scare the most experienced singers venturing into Verdi's arias during the annual Verdi Festival, resulting in electrifying evenings.
Few towns like Parma have managed to develop its old culinary and gastronomic traditions into a flourishing and modern food industry. So many are the delicacies and so many are the chances to taste them.
Surrounded by the countryside north of Parma, a few minutes drive from the historical centre, the Fairs of Parma cover an aera of more than 300.000 square metres, including 100.000 square metres of indoor exhibiting surface and a polyfunctional venue, the Palacassa, hosting both shows and conventions.
With a reputation as a leading exhibition centre, the Fairs of Parma spa can offer a calendar of events very popular among citizens and visitors.

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