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Golf greens and rates

Parma - PR


Golf club Cus Parma Santa Elisabetta
c/o Campus universitario
Vle Usberti Gian Paolo, 95 - 43125  Parma  (PR)
tel. +39 0521905571
fax +39 0521905530

6 holes green, training green, putting green, pitching green.
Rates: season ticket training green 10 entrances 70,00 euros; season ticket training green 20 entrances 130,00 euros; training green bucket of balls 1,00 euros.
For those who are members of other golf clubs it is possible to pay a daily green-fee euros 8,00 valid for the training green, while to enter the green the cost is euros 10,00.


Golf club La rocca
Via Campi, 8 - 43038  Sala Baganza (PR)
tel. +39 0521834037
fax +39 0521834575

18 holes green located on the first hills of the province, it has a training green, pitching green, putting green, chipping green.
Rates: green fee on weekdays 55,00 euros, green fee on Saturday and Sunday 80,00 euros, entrance only for golf federation members.

Salsomaggiore golf & country club
Case Carancini, 105/a località Contignaco 43039  Salsomaggiore Terme (PR)
tel. +39 0524574128
fax +39 0524578649

18 holes green on the hills west of Parma, equipped with 15 stands, 5 of them are covered, pitching green, putting green.
Rates: green fee on weekdays 18 holes 40,00 euros, green fee on festivities 18 holes 50,00 euros, green fee on weekdays 9 holes 25,00 euros, green fee on festivities 9 holes 35,00 euros, training green entrance fee 6,00 euros. Entrance only for golf federation members.

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