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Golf club Cus Parma Santa Elisabetta

Viale Usberti - 95 - Parma - PR - 43125
Phone: +39 0521905532 Fax: +39 0521905530

training green 10 entrances: euros 70,00
training green 20 entrances: euros 130,00
training green bucket of balls: euro 1,00
Compulsory the inscription at the Golf Federation.


The club, member of the Italian Golf Federation, opened in 1990. It has a 6 holes pitch, putting green and pitching green.

To access the club it is compulsory to become member of the Federation in order to have the chance to play in all the golf clubs members.
The price of the card, comprehensive of the assurance, is euros 75,00 plus euros 8,00 of a daily green-free.
At the Sant'Elisabetta golf club are organized classes for beginners.

How to get there:

the course is placed the University Campus, in the southern outskirts of Parma, on the right of the roundabout.

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