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Sant'andrea Bagni Spa - Medical thermae

Strada Cavicchiolo - 3 - Sant'Andrea Bagni - Medesano - PR - 43048
Phone: +39 0525431233 Fax: +39 0525432052

for the opening times please check on the website of the medical center.


mineral waters for drinking-water therapy, balneotherapy and inhalatory treatment are all gathered in the same hydrothermal basin. S. Andrea Bagni Spa offers as many as eight different waters in the natural state catering for a wide range of drinking-water and thermal treatments. Medium Mineral Waters (bicarbonate alkaline, chloride -sodium, ferruginous- potassic, sodiobromidiodic, sulphurous-calcic) with biological-therapeutic actions in common with more specific types of water for each spring. A peculiarity of the S. Andrea Bagni Spa is the presence of a Centre for the diagnosis, prevention and cure of kidney stones and related diseases.

Cures: inhaling, geyser, humages, environment inhaling, nasal irrigations, balneotherapy, ozone baths, hydromassage, idropinic cures, acquagym lessons and gym, vascular cures and swimming pool for fisiotherapy.

The spa is in agreement with the National Sanitary System.

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