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In the South of the Parma province lie the Appennines, a mountain chain offering wonderful views, pristine landscapes, pure mountain springs, clean air.
The Appennines offer a wide range of possibilities to the visitor: life in contact with nature, where relaxation is guaranteed but with a wide range of possible activities too,the landscape can be explored by mountain bike, by horseback, on foot to discover small but exciting boroughs or to climb the highest mountains.

The network of Cai paths includes about 110 itineraries from the Eastern to the Western Appennines, one of the most popular destinations is undoubtedly the Cento laghi Park, with its many pathways and guided trekking both in the Winter and in the Summer.

A holiday or visit to the Appennines is a great destination also for ski lovers with resorts as Prato Spilla and Schia.

From Varsi to Bardi, from Borgotaro to Compiano and Bedonia, from Corniglio to Monchio delle Corti, there is a wealth of villages offering features of historical interest; it is great to wander along the pebbled narrow streets in an unreal silence.

Nature, culture, history and wine-and-food. In this area, the king of the table is the Porcino mushroom (together with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, homemade mountain bread, pie with spinach and potatoes, dishes with chestnuts and wild berries), which is the star of feasts and popular fairs in Autumn.