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Strada I° Maggio - 1 - Torrile - PR - 43056
Phone: +39 0521812911 Fax: +39 0521813292

Residents: 7.668
Altitude: 32 meters

Torrile started to be as a Municipality itself during the Napoleonic era. Before that time the decisions regarding Torrile where taken in Parma, everything was decided in the capital of the Duchy, due also to the short distance between the two places.

With an order dated 8 June 1805, Napoleon decided to divide the territories of the Regno Italico in departments, districts, cantons, municipalities, like in France.
The municipalities were divided in three classes: the first included the municipalities with a population of over ten thousand citizens, the second with a population of over three thousand and the third with less population. Torrile at that time counted 2139 souls.
The Municipality of Torrile was made of a mayor nominated by the prefecture (Maire) and by two elders. The mayor was in office for a year, while the elders chosen by the Councellorship among the 25 richest and notables people of the village, could be re-elected indefinetly.
In 1814 the french government was over in parma and in Torrile and in 1816 Marie Louise became the Duchess of Parma, Piacenza and Guastalla.
From that time the Maires became the Podestà but the administrations were totally preserved.
Torrile remained under Marie Louise's government with the Reign of Italy until nowadays.

The most important monuments are: the church of Sant'Andrea in Sant'Andrea, dated back to the 12th-13th century, preserving 17th-18th century frescoes among which the Sacra famiglia con angeli by Bartolomeo Schiavoni; the church of San Paolo in San Polo, dated back to the year 1005; the church of San Siro in San Siro, that lies along a fascinating bend of the Parma river, framing a tranquility oasis; the church of S. Biagio in Torrile, dated back to the 12th century and the church of S. Giovanni Battista in Gainago, dof the 13th century.

Weekly market: Saturday in San Polo

Not to miss:
Naturalistic Lipu Oasis Cavaliere d'Italia

Tourist information:
Culture office at the Town Hall of Torrile
Via Primo Maggio, 1 - 43056 Torrile
tel. +39 0521812917
fax +39 0521813292

How to get there:

15 Km from Parma. By car from Parma take the North ring road exit 5 Via San Leonardo then the provincial road to Colorno. By bus Tep line Parma-Torrile.

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