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Fontanelle - Roccabianca - PR - 43010

Crossed by a long avenue lined by lime trees taking to the beautiful church of San Martino, Fontanelle is a small hamlet counting no more than 1000 people lying in the low land along the road linking Parma to Cremona.

Here was born Giovannino Guareschi, writer, drawer and satyrical journalist worldwide famous for creating the characters of Don Camillo and Peppone. The latter was inspired by beloved trade union founder and politician Giovanni Faraboli, whose bust can be found in the middle of the main square of the village, playing host also the the Circle of friends of Guareschi.

For tourist information:
Iat Busseto Piazza Verdi, 10 - 43011 Busseto
tel. +39 052492487
fax +39 0524931740
sito internet:

Useful links:
website dedicated to the Bassa, the low lands between Parma and the river Po
website for all lovers of Guareschi's Mondo piccolo

How to get there:

24 Km from Parma. By car from Parma take the North ring road exit 8 Crocetta then follow the road to Cremona (Cremonese). Cross the bridge on the river Taro and the village of San Secondo and you will get to Fontanelle.

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