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Piazza Garibaldi - 1 - Fidenza - PR - 43036
Phone: +39 0524517111 Fax: +39 0524527239

Residents: 26.383
Altitude: 75 meters

Fidenza is located along the Via Emilia between Parma and Piacenza and it's the biggest city after Parma.
The town still shows its roman origins in the area east of Piazza Garibaldi, maintaining the classical, rectangular outlines of the ancient forum.
The medieval part of the town may be identified west of the square: a series of semicircular streets whose centre is the Cathedral, a master of Romanesque art designed by Benedetto Antelami. Other noteworthy monuments and museums are the Porta San Donnino of the 14th century, the Magnani Theatre of the 19th century, the Town Hall of the 14th century, the Church of San Michele also of the 14th century, the Museum of fossils of the Stirone river and the Museum of the Risorgimento Musini.

Weekly market: Wednesday and Saturday morning.
Campagna amica market: every first and third Friday of each month.
Antiques and biological market: first Saturday of each month. 

Do not miss:
Magnani theatre
Municipal palace

For tourist information and reservations:

Iat R "Fidenza village"
Via San Michele Campagna - 43036 Fidenza
tel. +39 0524335556
fax +39 0524537135

Iat R desk "Casa Cremonini"
Piazza Duomo, 16 - 43036 Fidenza
tel. +39 052483377
fax +39 0524519159

How to get there:

23 Km from Parma. By car motorway A1 exit Fidenza or North ring road after the exit 9 take directions to Fidenza; by train railway line Milano-Bologna, get off in Fidenza; by bus Tep line Parma-Tabiano or Parma-Salsomaggiore.

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