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Tourist locations

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Parma is an elegant city where reigns a refined atmosphere that can only be breathed in a 'petite capitale', with its centre rich of art, parks and treasures from different ages, it is a very welcoming place, able to hold tourists and citizens with its manners.

Yet Parma is not only the city itself, the monuments or the tradition in music and culture: Parma also includes the province, a territory of infinite funds, a varied landscape that stretches from the Po river to the Appenines' crest, with small villages rich of history and liveliness, castles, medieval parish churches and theatres spread in the countryside.

The Bassa area is a vast territory on the shore of the Po river, which inspired artists like Bernardo Bertolucci and Giovannino Guareschi with its fogs and the quarrelsome character of its inhabitants.

The Culatello roads runs through these villages, also renowned for the production of the Spalla cotta, the Fortana wine and, last but not least, the Parmigiano Cheese.

Many activities are also possible in the countryside, itineraries on mountain bike, horseback riding, hiking, discovering ancient monuments and small villages or just relaxing in the beautiful frame of the Appennines mountains, from the south of the Via Emilia to the highlands at the border with Liguria and Toscana.

The beauties of the landscape, an uncontaminated nature and the cultural heritage are the right ingredients to make a visit in the territory of Parma a lovely experience.