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Guided trekking in the Taro and Ceno valleys

Borgo Val di Taro - PR - 43043

Prices vary according to the different excursions, call the guides for information.


The group of the Environmental Excursion Guides of the Taro and Ceno Valleys coordinates and promotes the activities of excursionists in the southwest mountains of the Parma area.
The area, nestled between Emilia Romagna, Liguria and Tuscany, is characterized by the presence of ancient routes, such as the Abbots Way (which has linked Irish monasteries with the Italian Apennine Mountains since the VII century A.D.) and the Francigena Way, the main Medieval route that led the pilgrims from Canterbury, in the United Kingdom, to Rome.

The group has prepared a schedule which enables anyone to take part in single day-trips and visit different and magic places among the Apennines.
All tours are escorted by an experienced guide who not only guarantees your safety, but also leads the group through little known paths, providing information on the history, the people, the culture and the naturalistic features of the places.
Besides the scheduled day-trips, it’s possible to book excursions on-demand for groups, associations. Such programmes can be customized with different lengths and themes (historical trips, naturalistic excursions, journeys which trace back the places where one’s ancestors lived), etc.

The trips in English language are led by Antonio Mortali, Guido Sardella, Emanuele Mazzadi, Nicolò Madoni and Davide Costa.

If you want to go searching the famous Porcino mushrrom of the Taro valley on a weekend among nature and flavours, it's possible to have a package with accommodation and dining in a farm house of the territory and excursions in search of mushrooms escorted by a guide
Download here the weekend proposal

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