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Natural reserve Parma morta

Strada della Resistenza - 2 - Mezzani - PR - 43055

the reserve is free and always visitable.


the Parma Morta Natural Reserve, created in 1990, is a precious testimony to the ancient river dynamics of the plain.

The protected area, fully situated in the Municipality of Mezzani between the River outlets of Parma and Enza, extends for 66 hectares and preserves a long tract, almost 5 km, of the antique watercourse, through which, until the middle of the 1800s flowed the waters of the Parma river before merging with those of Enza.

In 1870 the deviation of the Parma River brought this watercourse directly into the River Po, excluding the last tract of the stream from the direct flow of water, thus providing origins for the Parma Morta.
Today the abandoned water branch is an important humid zone which welcomes plant and animal life that cannot find space to live in the surrounding area: amphibians, reptiles, and birds often visit the stagnant waters covered with duckweed. Sedge-grass and other helophytes grow along the banks, while alder buckthorn bushes and limited strips of forest with English oak trees, elms, and country maples surround the area.

How to get there:

by car from the exit Parma of the motorway A1 follow the SS 343 to Colorno, then turn following the directions to Mezzani. On the way to Mezzano Superiore, Casale and Mezzano Inferiore signs indicate the different entrances to the reserve.

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