Ceno valley

Bardi - PR

the area of the Ceno valley takes its name from the river that cuts it through until it merges with the Taro, crossing the villages of Bedonia, Bardi, Varsi, Solignano, Pellegrino Parmense and Varano dè Melegari (the villages of Bedonia, Solignano and Pellegrino Parmense has their center in other valleys).
The valley is rich with remains of its Middle age past, visible especially in the many castles scattered in strategical points to control the territory.

Arriving in the valley from Parma we see the Castle of Varano de' Melegari that lies beside the Ceno river, going further up we can find the castles, still occupied, of Goloso and Castelcorniglio. Bardi offers the view of an ancient castle built on a rock (the diaspro rosso) dominating the valley and the river.

In the small villages there are also many parish churches, scattered along the routes that used to connect the most secluted hamlets.
The nature of the territory is pristine while some areas have the remains of the discreet presence of men.
Crops and fields are surrounded by woods, where is possible to go trekking along trails, or to go looking for mushrooms and underwood products.
Trekking routes wound up along the mountains sides and they can be traelled by mountain bike  or horse.

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