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Museum of Risorgimento Musini

Costa - 2 - Fidenza - PR - 43036
Phone: +39 0524517390

Summer (from the first Monday of July): on Monday 8.30am-1pm; on Tuesday 8.30am-6pm; on Wednesday 8.30am-1pm; on Thursday 8.30am-6pm; Friday 8.30am-1pm; Saturday 8.30am-1pm.
Winter (from the third week of September): on Monday and Tuesday 1pm-7pm; from Wednsday to Friday 9am-7pm; Saturday 9am-1pm.


free entrance


hosted in the former convent of the Orsoline nuns, built in 1708, the museum dedicated to the Italian Risorgimento has been established thanks to the endowments of patriot Luigi Musini's family.
Nowadays, relics and items on display actually range from the French revolution to the Risorgimento until the years following world war II.

Weapons, uniforms and clothes, manuscripts, flags, newspapers, medals, music instruments, photos and much more are the mementos of such important times for Italian history.

How to get there:

by car motorway A1 exit Fidenza or North ring road after the exit 9 take directions to Fidenza; by train railway line Milano-Bologna, get off in Fidenza; by bus Tep line Parma-Tabiano or Parma-Salsomaggiore.

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