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Modern architecture in Parma

Parma - PR

the Romanesque, Renaissance and Neoclassic jewels of Parma coexist with modern architectures designed by international architects:

Railway station

Europa bridge

Piazza Ghiaia
the renovation of Piazza Ghiaia is finished after three years of work and today it's covered by a sail in glass and steel. Designed by the architect is  Paolo Mancini, with Cecilia Ferlini

Ora Hotel Cornocchio Court

the new hotel in Cornocchio was built from the barn of the ancient court. The architectur of the court has been preserved and valueed: the tradition is represented by bricks pillars, the roof tiles and the floors in natural stones and skylights; the transparent elevator and the advanced technology make the structure modern and functional

De Gasperi bridge
(Francesco Martinez y Cabrera e Pier Giorgio Malerba)

Gazzetta di Parma - Radio and Tv Parma seat

(Zanlari Studio)
the development of the project is the result of the will to make coexist in one way the daily work and in the other way general service; the structure hosts parkings and Tv studios. The transparency of the building, filtered with aluminum, favors the dichotomy nature/artifice and indoor - outdoor

Barilla Center
(Renzo Piano)

Auditorium Paganini
(Renzo Piano Building Workshop)

Piazzale della Pace
(Mario Botta)

Centro Torri shopping center
(Aldo Rossi)
twentieth century style, with masonry in bricks and steel.

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