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Parma events

Parma events
Show or Hide answer Is there a list or brochure with all the fairs and events in Parma and the province for the year?

Due to the spread of internet, it's been a few years that there are no brochures or detailed lists with fair sand events of our territory for the whole year.
The Iat Tourist office of Parma Municipality has a weekly newsletter with all the events and exhibitions in Parma and in the province, that can be emailed, just write to the office and ask to be part of the mailing list.
The newsletter is mailed every Friday with the programme of the current weekend and the week after.
The events that take palce every year are on our website in the section events, or, if you are interested in a particular village or part of the province, we suggest to visit the official websites of the Municipalities spread on the territory, where you can always find a section for the events.

Show or Hide answer When the opera and symphonic seasons are on?

It is a tradition that the opera season of the Regio theatre starts on Patron's day of Parma, that is Sant’Ilario on the 13th of January, or on a date close to that day, and it is on until April. The Verdi festival is in October.
Even the symphonic season, always of the Regio theatre starts generally in January and finishes in April or May.

For information and tickets call the theatre +39 0521039399 or check the website where it is also possible to buy tickets online.