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Parma art

Parma art
Show or Hide answer Are there any museums open in the afternoon?

In Parma there are many beautiful and different places to visit, just pay attention to the opening hours.
Some museums are open only in the morning, some in the morning and afternoon with a lunch break and others are open all day non stop.
In the afternoon are open to the visits all the churches, the Baptistery, the Ducal Garden with the Eucherio Sanvitale palace, the Diocesan museum, the Stuard gallery, the Castle of Puppets, the House of Music, the House of Sound and the Museum birthplace of Arturo Toscanini.

>>> download list of the Monuments and the Museums of Parma

Show or Hide answer Is it possible to visit the famous Charterhouse of Stendhal?

The Charterhouse depicted by Stendhal in his novel La Certosa di Parma, is actually made up, but tradition says the author seemed to take the inspiration from the one located in Paradigna or Valserena, a few chilometers north of Parma, on the way to Colorno.
This Charterhouse, that is really magnificent, has open last May with the treasures of the Csac Museum: on display temporary and permanent exhibitions of the Centre of studies and archive of communication of the University of Parma.
There is another Charterhouse in Parma, on the way to Mantova, right out of the city, which hosts a Penitentiary Police School.

Show or Hide answer Are there any bicycle tracks to reach the castles?

Parma has always paid attention to the environment and mobility issues, infact, in the last few years, many new bicycle tracks have been realised in town and in the province and many will be made in the future.

At the moment there are some itineraries, also touristic, in the Parma territory, but not real tracks connecting the city to the interesting places in the province.
We suggest to take the towards the castle you wish to visit on the tracks, if there are on that way, and along the streets but not the main ones for there is too traffic.
Among the tracks of the province you can find: by mountain bike around Bardi, from Parma to Torrechiara by bike, by bike from Parma to Colorno, through the castles of the Bassa parmense by bike.

Show or Hide answer Is it possible to make a tour of the Castles in the Province?

You can make a tour of the castles and visit the ones you wish by yourself, choosing among the ones of the flat land, of the hills or of the mountains. It is strongly suggested to use the car in order to visit at least two or three castles, or by public transport paying attention to the opening hours and buses timetables.
The majority of the castles is closed on Monday, especially during winter time.

For further information contact the Castelli del Ducato association on their website or call the +39 0521829055 and for the public transport check the website

You can also arrange a customized tour in the Province of Parma and at the castles in particular, through the incoming agencies as:

Parma Incoming
tel. +39 0521298883

Food valley travel Terre emiliane
tel. +39 0521798515

Va pensiero viaggi
tel. +39 052492272