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Welcome to tourist office Parma

Planetarium in Parma

Link Planetarium in Parma

From March 14 to May 16
The fantastic show of a guided observation of the starry vault


Link Mater

from March 8 to June 26
An exposition about symbolic itineraries through maternity

The concerts of the House of Music

Link The concerts of the House of Music

from March 14 to May 28
Stravaganze: a journey into the wide camera music.

Roma 900

Link Roma 900

until July 5
at the Magnani Rocca the collections of the Modern art gallery of Rome capital


Link Parma Danza

Regio theatre - from April 9 to May 9
Absolute prestigious companies, great maestros of coreography, worldwide famous guests.

Link Nel segno del giglio

Reggia of Colorno - April 24, 25, 26
Quality gardening market exhibition in the Ducal gardens of Colorno

Link Black fire

Salone delle Scuderie at the Pilotta palace - until April 6
Material and structure concerned and after Burri.

Link Regio theatre: opera season 2015

Regio theatre - from March 22 to June 18
After ten years Donizetti and Puccini dramas come back.

Link Boito concerts

Auditorium del Carmine - from March 4 to June 9
New edition of the free music festival

Link Children's corner

House of Music - from February 22 to April 12
Four afternoons of music dedicated to kids