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Welcome to tourist office Parma

Like back in time

Link Like back in time

from December 5 to 8
The flavours of the old times in a great market on Piazza Garibaldi

Guided tours to the historical center

Link Guided tours to the historical center

on Saturday and Sunday of December
A sightseeing tour with a guide along the streets of Parma

Parma Jazz Frontiere

Link Parma Jazz Frontiere

from November 4 to December 2
Beyond borders, listening is the title of the 19th edition dedicated to Giorgio Gaslini

Renato Bruson's collection

Link Renato Bruson's collection

until January 25
The exhibition in Bossi Bocchi palace with Boldini, Fattori, Lega, Segantini, Signorini, the Veneto landscape painters of the 19th century.


Link Il cinema ritrovato

Cinema Astra - from November 3 to December 9
Movie classics in restored and original version.

Link The original ones

Cinema D'Azeglio - until December 16
Movies in original language.

Link Parma Swing Festival

Hotel Parma e congressi and Circolo di lettura - from December 11 to 14
Second edition of Hats & cats.

Link Patti Smith in The (Patti) Smiths

Regio theatre - December 2
The complete Smith family for the acoustic concert.

Link Nuove atmosfere

Auditorium Paganini - to May 31
The ninth edition of the Symphonic season of Parma.

Link Sfogliare stanze

Pigorini palace - until January 13
Munari and other stories to tell Corraini Edizioni.